The king never ever goes anywhere on foot - it is the citizens who always come to the King :)

Nevertheless, the King realizes that not everyone can afford such luxury, so he ordered to prepare a list of means of transport which you can use while staying in Kraków.



To get to the Main Station from the airport, take a direct train to Kraków Główny Railway Station. It takes about 20 minutes to get there.Then take tram number 3 (heading to Prokocim) or 24 (heading to Nowy Bieżanów) or a taxi - you'll find information below :)

Direct train to the city center (Kraków Główny)


trams: the nearest tram stop – Plac Bohaterów Getta - is right next to the hotel. Tram numbers that will take you to the city center and the Main Station: 3,19,24. A bit further away you will find numbers 6 and 13 which will also take you to the city center;

taxi: quite reliable and the least expensive:

  • iCar - 12 653 5555 (same day and night fares, they give you the exact price before the ride)
  • Mega Taxi – 12 19625/ 12 400 00 00 (one of the cheapest, with relatively low night fares)
  • Barbakan - 12 19661 (they have a lot of cars, so you probably won't have to wait too long)
  • Uber

hop on hop off tours with an audio guide:

Kraków carriages: a romantic and wonderfully old-fashioned way of sightseeing from under the carriage blanket :)


Kraków Municipal Transport